Marina Market to go BANG?

When I was walking back in town from they Munster match it was still open at nearly ten o'clock.
Is that just for the Munster match or do they stay open late all the time?
Wouldn’t be surprised if pressure was coming from city centre businesses.

The place would be far better with a load of junkies shooting Ui off a Sunday morning.


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That's bollix now so it is.

Wonder if if city centre establishments have been pushing the objection.
The road down the quays is a work space for the port of cork.
A dangerous place for car traffic and pedestrians.

The planning application does not seem to have answered the queries as to where the waste water is going.
Is it going into the river ?
I was in Malaga during the summer and was on their equivalent quays. Tall pillars with glass separating the proles in their cars from the water. Would be an ideal solution down there if they could be bothered.

Just remembered our own is a working Quay so none of this fancy stuff.
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