Italian general election kicking off, right wing expected to do well

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Right wing and first Women PM in Italian history is favoured to do well in elections happening now, this came following the collapse of the gvt which a snap election had been called. Italy has had I think it is 70 gvt's since WW2 but this one could be a momentous one. Big change might be coming for Italian politics and thus right wing leader Meloni was previously in a Berlusconi gvt. Looks like an interesting election.
She will probably moderate her policies a little but she will shake up the EU in their response to be home to half the jihadis of the world who are biding their time to wreck havock in Europe
Will see a lot more right wing governments happen in the next decade. And Ron DeSantis will have a walkover in the 2024 US election too. The pendulum is swinging.
DeathSantis is certainly God’s gift to big business.

But do you think he’ll get Trump’s endorsement? The Donald still thinks the world owes him a second term. 😂 😂
We are likely to see an outburst from our president Mr Michael Higgins on the dangers of the move to the right. He is likely to tone down his speech in case it would drive people on the fence to the Right. He is not a happy man this evening.
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