Immigration Thread

Sweden has had two huge waves of immigration in the last 40 years. Would they trade Zlatan for the first, doubtful but his biography gives a fairly clear insight into the life of a Yugo in Sweden.

The reporting in Sweden as you correctly point out is an issue but sex offense numbers naturally will show huge increase since 2018 with or without the latest influx in immigration due to reporting standards being adjusted.

Switzerland took in huge numbers from the Yugo Wars too. I’m sure Swiss prisons are teaming with Ex-Yugos but in general their Crime Statistics have not gone off the charts.

Does mass immigration bring crime, naturally but why did Merkel open the doors. She didn’t have a big heart just a labor shortage.

The investigation (from 2002 to 2017) covers seven distinct categories of crime, and distinguishes between seven regions of origin. Based on 33 per cent of the population (2017), 58 per cent of those suspect for total crime on reasonable grounds are migrants. Regarding murder, manslaughter and attempted murder, the figures are 73 per cent, while the proportion of robbery is 70 per cent. Non-registered migrants are linked to about 13 per cent of total crime. Given the fact that this group is small, crime propensity among non-registered migrants is significant.
The 1970's were bleak in many ways, although the 80's were arguably worse. The unemployment rate in the 70's went from about 5-10%, but rose as high as 18% the following decade.
But one wage could afford a mortgage in the 70% and there were enough houses, including council houses, which many people ultimately bought.
Both of these things can be true without having to argue it should be one or the other.

The fact there are many families in their 30's and 40's, with two decent salaries, that will never own their own home, or maybe even not be afforded security of tenure in a rented home is a sad indictment on our successive governments.

Obviously external factors played its part, and for all the advancements capitalism gave us there has been trade offs too, and that should not be forgotten.
We've got so used to hearing about budget surpluses, highest GDP etc etc.
A society is more than profits on a spreadsheet. For being one of the so called richest countries in the world we've a long way to go yet in terms of the citizens being catered adequately for the profits that are produced here.
Education has failed you.
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