Fundraiser for Statue Of Michael Collins in Patrick’s Street

Indeed there ARE laws in the country, including GDPR laws. So I'll ask you again, why on earth would anyone here have the PPS number for members of that committee, and even if they did why would they divulge such information to you???????
It is a case of being a good citizen. I was trying to ensure that the committee sent all relevant details to the Registrar. I hope this clarifies the issue and apologize for not replying sooner.
Regarding the fund raising it still stands at 10165€>
I hope and bill incurred by anyone to date will be paid.
Tommy GORMAN said at Beal na Blast and I quote from a snippet in the Irish News that "collective energy is needed to deal with the challenges of a post Brexit Ireland "
Profound words indeed and he said that Collins was a pragmatist . What was he saying I asked someone who attended and they reckoned that most people hadn't a clue what he was saying but it was important that they had a speaker at the event.
These events are just a meet up and an evening out for misguided individuals who are delusional about Collins and are in denial about his deed at organising shooting of government officials at the time.
The revised date for the erection of the statue was to be 15 th October ( the eve of Mick's birthday)
Have the public be notified officially that this is going ahead.
10 days to go for Michael Collins birthday and no sign of the statue. I understand that a request for funding to the government has met with a blank refusal.

The statue of Michael Collins is currently biding its time outside the Imperial. Once sufficient funds are raised maybe it'll get up from its seat and walk down to the Grand Parade and take its place on the new plinth. 😂
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