Whenever there's a serious incident in a public place the gardai ask for anyone with dashcam footage to bring it to the them to see if it will help with their enquiries.

Drucker is fake news.

Yes, context is everything. Driving 279 km/h is illegal on Irish roads, cycling 40 km/h is not.

Context is indeed everything. Driving at 30km/h is not illegal. However driving at 30 Km/h may be deemed “careless” or even “dangerous” in the context of where it took place in terms of road conditions, presence of pedestrians, etc, in the same way cyclists can be fined for driving without reasonable consideration for other road users.

From the rules of the road:

Gardaí can fine cyclists for the following offences:

  • No front or rear light during lighting-up hours
  • Riding a bicycle without reasonable consideration
Context, dear boy, is everything.

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