Context is indeed everything. Driving at 30km/h is not illegal. However driving at 30 Km/h may be deemed “careless” or even “dangerous” in the context of where it took place in terms of road conditions, presence of pedestrians, etc, in the same way cyclists can be fined for driving without reasonable consideration for other road users.

From the rules of the road:

Gardaí can fine cyclists for the following offences:

  • No front or rear light during lighting-up hours
  • Riding a bicycle without reasonable consideration
Well done on posting the obvious 😁
The key words there are 'could'. GDPR is loose in their terms.

Anyway, it doesn't state categorically that one cannot publish videos online of incidents that happen in public, especially when people are not identified.

If one wants to be extra cautious, blurring out their face will make it 100% legit.

Doubtful that blurring out their face will be sufficient if you are still publishing their car registration from which they are easily identified.

See when Google Maps do the street-view and they pixilate peoples' faces - they also blur the license plates.

Of course that wouldn't suit your perma-outraged agenda.
Aw diddums, getting ratty because the PROC isnt an echo chamber like Twitter.

Listen m8 if you had any semblance of cop on you'd have called it a day on your lone ranger routine on the roads of Cork after you ended up with your name and details splashed all over the court reports (50+ complaints lol ).

You're obviously far too gone to realise what a complete lunatic you look like to the casual observer.

I hope you eventually seek the help you so very clearly need.

Very rattled.
Still thinking I am someone else.
Its all you have at this stage.

You created the mental breakdown thread, maybe subconsiously your brain is telling you something?
News flash here Rox, Criminal cases go beyond GDPR and GDPR does not apply to such incidents.

Dangerous driving is not a crime now?

Were you really a bus driver for all those years or are you the Walter Mitty of PROC, as you don't have a clue. As much brainpower of a nat.
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