Cork u20 Hurling 2024

Every county gets 'shitloads' of calls but that is a very general statement as stated already by other posters and myself regarding incidents of every game you wish to highlight. This along with the petty isolated calls you refer has been pointed out to you already by morello, myself and others of which you are in denial.

You quote my post but you didn't answer any of my questions in that post regarding fixed draws and the herarchy controlling referees to ref games differently within the same sport. Regarding the draws there is evidence going back to the noughties seen on National TV, regarding the latter I've been following GAA games since the 70's and I and many others who even post here can see this control issue is growing, a blind man can see same! This is conspiracy of which you are in denial so when you believe it doesn't exist and everything associated is squeaky clean then it is a case of you in denial of same regarding any county including Cork. This denial by you and others is the real lunacy.

The 'factual evidence' regarding Cork hurling has been pointed out to you of which you disregarded only has to go back the last few weeks when a perfect goal scored by William Buckley whereby the sliotar hit the roof of the net wasn't even considered a goal by at least 3 officials officiating the game. This goal highly likely determined the result, the dogs on the street know why it was disallowed. The previous week Hoggy's perfect goal was disallowed by a ref who decided to attempt to even up a contest which could have serious consequences and in doing so not to even consult with his umpires and last Sunday the ref disallowed a perfect goal scored by East Cork in the John Scott Challenge Cup final again in an attempt to even up a contest whereby he did consult his umpires and also unlike the other 2 games had practically zero significance.
youre hilariously insane

What is obviously getting to you is anyone of any state of mind including insanity can still see through your false claims among 'diving' in the game as if you are concerned, but oh yeah it's okay for Clare players and Kyle Hayes to do it but other players from outside Clare and Limerick should cop on and be banned for same. Your ignorance on Marty Morrissey's TV act in 2007 shows your undying love for the GAA hierarchy above any sport. Sure you may as well keep it up! What is it that's really said by genuine folk about the Government, the Church and the GAA?
The Complete Stone Roses
The Oliver Plunkett, Oliver Plunkett St.

1st Aug 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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DJ Sean Hardware(Crystal Bar)

Crane Lane Theatre, Today @ 11pm

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