Cork to Limerick Motorway

I rest my case Mong

You rest your case? Are you Lionel Hutz? Traffic is only one consideration. There are many constraints that have to be considered in order to achieve a route corridor such as: house demolitions/purchases, severance of farms, severance of communities, archaeology, ecology, hydrology, heritage/architecture etc.

The design team even met with landowners/interested groups etc. specifically on the choice between going west of Charleville as opposed to going east. But you knew that already didn't you?

Have you read any of the scheme documents such as the Constraints Report, Route Corridor Selection Report or the Preliminary Design Report?

Anyhoo I'm sure you'll be lodging an objection to ABP on this most serious of issues?
The South Ring Road was initially designed (in the 70s/80s) with flyovers at Kinsale Road and, I think, at Bandon and Sarsfield Road but due to a lack of funding roundabouts were horsed in there. The detailed designs for the latter two have certainly been done for a number of years now but again no funding is coming through so they won't get built. It's not the design team's fault if langball politicians won't allocate money to sort out those junctions. They'd rather build a motorway to Waterford, a road that has lower traffic levels at some points than the N71.

Some would say it's all for a grander design.
I'm from Limerick and I was disgusted by this article, how dare he brand my home town as being a shithole. Then again I did move to Cork...hmm
I travel this route a few times every year. It seems fine as it is. If they want to improve it there are 1 or 2 sections that could be improved for safety reasons. I drive professionally in Co. Cork and I can tell you stories of certain so called "roads". I could write a self-help guide to give the Cork motorist the least damaging journey ! Maybe I will ... EUR4.99 per copy.
2 universities , 2 IT's and all within 50 minutes of each other can only make the region a more attractive place for business to locate.

it shouldn't cost 1 billion though thats a huge fee for some 50 miles of road.
Its says a lot about Ireland that the next section of the 'Atlantic Corridor' to go to construction will be the Gort-Crusheen section of the N18 which will be underway by the end of the year. Meanwhile Limerick & Waterford have or will have brand new bypasses of the city opened soon.

Back in Cork the M20 is unlikely to get funding for a few years yet and as for the SRR upgrades? years away. Dam the gombeens!
Gort-Crusheen is already on-site and might be finished this year. The next section of the Atlantic Corridor due to go to site is the M17/M18 Gort-Tuam PPP. All going well the contracts could be signed towards the back of the year with muck-shifting to begin in the new year (2011).
Anyone have a link to a map of the decided route? I can't find one anywhere. Need it for work so would be much appreciated.

Anyone? Still looking for a proper map with the thick blue line representing the motorway. Thought the NRA website would have one up by now, suppose they don't want people knowing about it so they can object.

April 26th is the final date for observations/objections I think. A buddy's mother is looking for endangered frogs to place in her garden to try and stop it.
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