Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Agree with much of that. You get your strongest side out there from the start though and if Ciaran Joyce is fully fit then he starts no question. The Limerick half forward line and the Tipp half forward line present very different challenges.

I expect the same 15 from Tipp as lined out v Waterford so Noel McGrath and Connolly midfield, with Tynan, O’Connor and Forde in the half forward line. Stakelum shows up everywhere, leaving Kehoe and Morris inside.

Bowe and Breen were the main lads to implement Cahill-ball from wing back - hard aggressive running to create little 2v1s. He doesn’t have a Caelum Lyons though who was the perfect Cahill-ball player. They are a big physical side but not athletic enough for the way their manager wants the game played imo.

I’d be surprised if R Downey doesn’t stay at 6, but O’Connor is going to provide a sterner test than Reidy did last week, he’d a really poor showing. Keep Coleman at 7 on Tynan, and cause Tipp a real problem by putting Joyce into the middle of the field with Fitzgibbon. Harsh on Twomey who was excellent last week but he’d have great impact off the bench.

Millerick for me is one of our 6 strongest defenders but there’s a case for holding him and using him to address any Tipperary forward who’s doing damage and getting the better of his man.

Can’t change the front 6 - best combined unit performance I can remember from a group of Cork forwards in many years - a couple of more passes and they’d have had more goals in that first half last week. Tipps best defender Maher is not a good match up to Connolly imo and Barrett can get on top of O’Mara also.

With the emotions having settled now, the limerick game has proven we’re not as bad as some people were suggesting after 2 games, but we’re not as good as the highlights of the Limerick game suggest. Maybe this is harsh but we’re average enough from 1 to 4. Put it this way, Wexford and Dublin are stronger from 1 to 4. Clare, Limerick, Kk miles stronger. From 5 up (and factoring in replacements in these positions) it’s arguable that we’re as strong as anyone. You go through the match ups for Sunday and again this is the part of the pitch you get worried… and while we can bring on an equally strong option from wing back up the field from the bench, we’re bringing Damien on here and he’s showing serious signs of being on the way down after 2 or 3 really strong years.

If Brian Roche came from nowhere to provide the right answer last week, wonder can the mgmt team find another right answer with the twin brother? Conceding fewer than 3 goals and fewer than 27 / 28 points needs to be on the cards here. No reason we can’t keep on doing loads of damage down the other end.
This is not going to be a popular opinion, but Lehanes best days for Cork have come against Tipp, I wouldn't be surprised if he was used of the bench on Sunday
This is not going to be a popular opinion, but Lehanes best days for Cork have come against Tipp, I wouldn't be surprised if he was used of the bench on Sunday
Against Ronan Maher at centre back who went chasing Lehane 1 v 1 everywhere - that is not a scenario that will happen Sunday. Nor did we have the forward options we have now back then. Don’t see it myself.
Thanks for that ,had actually ignored the reply to my first post on proc. Thought it was a bit OTT ok but water off a ducks back really, maybe Mr jimmybarrysmurf was having a bad day ,lives for hurling no doubt always on to the wife about it ,she's probably understanding in fairness " if you could even reach a Semi love,you haven't got to a semi for a while " and all that .anyways off out to cut the grass .
Question for the Limerick lads, whats the story with Richie English? is he gone off the panel? I would have thought he'd be called on now with the injuries in the FB line
Nothing insane about it, I'm sure he's chopping at the bit to get a run. He's always done really well against Tipp, so strong chance he'll get run when lads are getting tired.
It is a completely insane proposal!

It’s not about Tipp, Limerick, Clare, or Waterford.. it’s about the heat of championship hurling
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