Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Jeez, not in the better of that game yet. Mentally wrecked!!!!
Fair f*cking play to the lads for digging a draw out of that!

Absolute result given the position we were in.

Now that a few hours have passed I'm slightly gutted that Deccie didn't squeak that free over, but feck it, I'll take that draw over the defeat that was looming!!

Bottle that effort lads, that's a game that could have been lost if you hadn't believed you could get something out of it.

I love seeing that in a team.
Stuck in the game and did very well to get a draw. Outside of the first 10 minutes we were well out hurled though. Cahill and Bevans are top class operators, the improvement in them is off the charts in a few months. Don’t see the same improvement in us or anything close really.
And yet with all their "off the charts" improvement they've conceded 7 goals in their first 2 games 🤣
When you're done genuflecting to Cahill and Bevans you might give a nod towards the manager and the team who, despite being on the wrack, showed fucking serious nerve and delivered going down the home strait.
Watch your Tipp get beaten by Limerick, and maybe Wahfurd, and see how you feel about Cahill and Co. Then
Our forwards are rotten. Can't hold onto a ball Can't find a pass.
Anyone who is posting here while watching a game that is being played at super sonic speed is a bit of a joke.

Imagine taking the time to post, as opposed to actually f***ing watching the game.
Cos don't even go there and say ya can watch, tap away and contribute anything.... other than a load negative nothings that distract ya from what's actually going on.
Tonight was about heart rather than performance. There is no way we would have gotten anything from this game in previous years
We really collapsed after a blistering start and I wonder if the six day turnaround had an influence. I noticed as well that the strong breeze that Tipp had in the first half died away for the second half.

I thought Cahalane and O Leary had great games as did Harnedy and Dalton. I did think however that Dalton was playing more as a wing back than wing forward in the second half. I thought we were too deep and our full forward line was too isolated.

Great to see another your player get a chance and Brian Hayes did not disappoint. Eoin Downey will have better days but it will have been a great learning experience for him.
We have now seen Tommy O Connell, Brian Roche, Eoin Downey, Padraig Power, Ciaran Joyce , Brian Hayes and Shane Barrett from the successful under 20 teams all getting on the pitch.
Good post NC
It’s so different watching the game on tv than being there and we were all over the shop tactically with nothing really working it almost looked that we were down a man at times but by God these guys gave it everything when all was not clicking.
After drawing level I thought game on and then another goal and it’s gone again but the response was a an absolute cracker of a goal ( one of my favorite for a long time) and this takes real heart and belief to never give up and even on the tv the crowd were just were buzzing.
Like you said we have seen heads drop before probably. Different animal with the bench and panel we have and credit to management also because every sub they brought on just worked at the right time.
Special mention to Deccie Dalton my god he put in some shift and his work rate was unbelievable. Lots of players didn’t go so well and will learn and improve from this game.
Credit to Tipp and Cahill because they were in a bad place last year. Tynan is a great workhorse in midfield and Noel McGrath is some man 2008 I think he made his senior debut and can still find space with ease.
Were we lucky to get the draw. Maybe. We kept fighting and belief and that is not lucky that’s heart.
Two tough away games now but we know now we have the heart of not giving up and that’s massive imo
Rebels Abu
Ciaran Joyce did not have one of his better games today, he’s always willing and brave and made some spectacular catches but his distribution was poor. He needs to stop coming short to the 21 for short puckouts too, like what the fuck is that all about?
I find this an issue R&B. Let’s just take the amount of ball we played directly to the Tipp sweeper which seemed to change at times ( just watched on tv ) but Joyce in the last 2 games now at times seems to be actually marking someone when he should be really free to read the game.
Is he playing this role that maybe don’t suit him because he is a warrior of a player and the best CB talent we have in a while. Even yesterday he plucked ball out of the air in a couple of occasions and won the free at the end .
I don’t know what you and other posters think ( fair enough the bad touch for Forde point) but I feel he is better with a duel to win than sitting so deep. Like let’s just say Tony Kelly or maybe a fit again Cian Lynch at 11 will maybe suit Millerick more to mark and follow but I just feel Joyce excels in man to man marking and the battle more different than playing this free kinda role. I said at the start of the year I think we should go man to man we could still do because yesterday we got sucked in to what Tipp wanted around the middle and then we had no half forwards and lost ruck ball and Joyce was in kind of nowhere because Tipp spread the ball .
I am just thinking out loud but both Downey lads love a battle D Cahalane really doesn’t lose many and O Leary is playing very well this year. I don’t know but we lost our shape in the game and we played so much ball to the Tipp free man but we didn’t seem to have a free man at the back at all. We have nothing to loose now because we have the toughest games in coming now.
Limerick and Clare away is tough going but we showed with grinding out a draw we have plenty of heart.
What a match! Tipp will feel very disappointed they couldn’t see it out. Here are some positives and negatives for me.


1. Robbie O’Flynns injury. He’ll be a massive loss for the last few games if he’s out.

2. Defending for both goals could have been much better. Cork were very open at times.

3. Until we moved to 3 man full forward line a lot of the ball that went in went straight back to the Tipp sweeper.

4. Some of the newer lads did not not play well.


1. Scored 4 goals (even if 2 of them should have been disallowed)

2. The subs that came on made a big difference. Good to see Tim O’Mahony back and Brian Hayes score a goal on his Championship debut.

3. Refused to be beaten. Even going 5 points down at several stages we never let Tipp get too far ahead (Tipp wides contributed). We showed unbelievable heart and character to get a result.

4. Still unbeaten. Although we’d prefer 4, 3 points after 2 matches is not bad going at all.

5. Stronger panel. Saw a poster say we’ve now played 24 lads in the first two rounds. There is genuine competition for places now.

6. Deccie Dalton. I’ve doubted him and said if he proved me wrong I’d say it. He certainly did yesterday!

7. Patrick Collins. Made a massive intervention at the end. Much maligned but he’s done well the last 2 weeks.

I haven’t seen a match that good in a long long time. It was tough, skilful and both have their very most to win. Even if the referee tried to spoil it! The atmosphere was unbelievable with a big crowd. I for one wouldn’t complain if we met them again later in the championship!
Fantastic achievement to come up with a performance like that with a six day turnaround. Of course Tipp were more composed as a unit because they had way more time to prepare for this. I’d rather have our problems than theirs though. Seven goals conceded in two games and they made Deccie look like Usain Bolt. Shane Barrett offers so much. He’ll need minding by management because of a lack of accuracy no doubt and he may have to face being dropped now but what heart he has and we’ve been crying out for that for years. Would love to see the last ten minutes of the game again particularly.
It happened again this week lads, the free hogggie took and missed just before half time Dalton had the ball in his hand to take it and hoggie over ruled him. Will he just put the team first and let Dalton take them. Its costly lads
Did it? I missed that! It was just outside the 65 if I remember correctly and I’d say the plan was Hoggy from 65 in and Decky from outside the 65 so lines were probably blurred on who should take it.

Look we are blessed to have two guys who are top class free takers, especially Deccie on the long ones, which are much harder to convert, but they are effortlessly going yards over the bar
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