Cork Hurlers - Part 2


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Can't see it tbh, Joyce played well this year but made a lot of mistakes as well (not a dig, he is young). I think saying he was immense is clouded by the fact that we finally found a cb. For me Butler wins it.
Ah Choicy, Joyce was immense all year for us, he was on the decks sweeping out the tide when we were sinking early in the championship and he steered the ship to calm waters when moved to center back. He probably won’t get young player of the year though
Congratulations to the 3 lads on their nominations.

Surely Joyce is a shoo in for young hurler of the year. Cody and Butler while good and solid throughout the year just weren't in the same league as Joyce who was simply immense for the vast majority of the year, particularly when moved to center back.
I think so, too, re Joyce.. I would be wary, though. Cork have become unfashionable with journalists over the last number of years.
I think so, too, re Joyce.. I would be wary, though. Cork have become unfashionable with journalists over the last number of years.
Mikey butler will definitely get that, as he'll be just shy of an All-Star due to Finn and Nash. Joyce should get it but they'll never give it to him.

They moved the age of the Young players of the year out to u22 as well, instead of u21. Otherwise, Joyce would be a shoe-in.
Mikey Butler no question will get it. Man of the match in the Leinster final, kept TK quiet and had a good final as well. What will come against Joyce is that Cork were knocked out early. No doubt Joyce is the best young hurler in Ireland though.
Spot on, the job Butler did against TK was a lot of the reason KK hammered them, he man marked him out of the game to the point that TK dropped back into his own HB line to try and get away from him for a while but Butler followed him!

Joyce is the future of Cork hurling, reminds me a lot of Corcoran which would be the dream - we will need to progress further than we did though to be getting any merit for any of them


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Fitzgibbon being nominated is fairly eyebrow raising and especially over Darragh O Donovan. Fair play to the lads though. Can't see Joyce getting the nod for YH. It's usually narrative driven and to be fair to Butler he was immense. Since I saw him that evening against us in the league I've been very impressed by his work.

Lehane might feel a small bit disappointed not to get a nod. Bad game last time out but he was magic in several games.
some details on next years Munster championship

Meanwhile, Munster’s Liam MacCarthy Cup counties have agreed to jettison the home-away or away-home sequencing of their provincial round-robin senior hurling championship. While the measure ensures no team will play three weekends running, it also means counties will take turns playing back-to-back games at home and away.

As a result of an agreement with Cork and the Munster Council due to the unavailability of Páirc Uí Chaoimh, Clare began this year’s competition with technically two away games in FBD Semple Stadium against Tipperary and Cork. They concluded their campaign with the visits of Limerick and Waterford to Cusack Park.

In 2023, Tipperary are set to begin their championship with successive away games against Clare and Cork in Round 1 and 3 – they are scheduled to have a bye in Round 2. They will complete their campaign with the hosting of Limerick and Waterford.

In reverse, Cork will look to get points on the board early on home soil. Following a rest in the opening round, they welcome Waterford and Tipperary to Páirc Uí Chaoimh in Rounds 2 and 3 respectively.

Cork’s second break weekend is due to occur in the second weekend of Round 3, the only round of the competition which is split over two weekends, when Waterford and Clare face off in Walsh Park if it is available in the first phase of its reconstruction.

The Waterford-Clare game is played on a different weekend to avoid the Déise and the Banner playing three weekends in a row. Clare conclude their fixtures in Round 4 and are not involved in the final round while Waterford have a bye in Round 4.

All-Ireland champions will have a break of 20 or 21 days between their Round 2 clash with Clare and heading to face Tipp in Thurles in Round 4. Waterford had a similar gap this past season.

Provisional 2023 Munster senior hurling championship schedule: Round 1: Clare v Tipperary, Waterford v Limerick. Round 2: Cork v Waterford, Limerick v Clare. Round 3 (separate weekends in chronological order): Cork v Tipperary, Waterford v Clare. Round 4: Clare v Cork, Tipperary v Limerick. Round 5: Limerick v Cork, Tipperary v Waterford.


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