Cork Hurlers - Part 2


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PR rang Hoggy,asked him to stay on 1 more year,Hoggy said only if Mulcahy and Furlong were gone,!!they’re opinion was he wasn’t offering enough in general play,not v strong management

Not sure where you're getting that from - the voices in your head or some "inside source" but I very much doubt any new manager would allow one player dictate the make-up of the manager's backroom team. Fairly sure that was the backroom team that PR had in the two All Ireland U-20 victories.


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good to see the new thread lads and we should try to keep the debate and banter to hurling if we can as clogging it up with non-hurling stuff or personal stuff will only turn people off - but we must also retain a bit of good old-fashioned Cork ball-hopping for the craic . The vibes on Pat Ryan have been very good so far - I think he will be exactly the breath of fresh air we need and every hurler in Cork with any kind of potential will feel he has a chance if he excels with his club. This, plus an existing panel loaded with talent surely gives us a lot of hope. Best of luck to Pat and his management team and thanks for taking on what is a hugely time consuming job. Rebels Abu
I wonder if Noel Furlong and Pat Mulcahy will now take over the under 20's ?

Good to see the under 20 group back together again. It is amazing how quickly despondency turns to optimism in sport.

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