Cork Hurlers - Part 2

KK did an ok job, next appointment is huge now, hopefully with a completely new backroom, we have a lot of talent in both playing and coaching but we have to get this right.
Some thanks and respect towards Kieran wouldn’t go astray. An absolute gent by all accounts who put everything he could into Cork hurling for over a decade. There are many reasons why we’ve come up short in recent times and I’m sure Kieran will accept his fair share of the blame for this. But let’s not kid ourselves, there is plenty to go around. However it’s the man at the top who rightly pays the highest price. Thanks Kieran. You gave it your best shot.
A real nice guy who did his best and the very least we can say is he has blooded a lot of talent and the future is bright for the guy who takes over. Thank you so much for your service Kieran, 2017, 2021 were great runs and great hurling.

The new manager needs to be a ruthless, hard man who will instill a desperation in the team to win. Winning is all that counts and bring the All Ireland home. Don't care where he comes from but an understanding of Cork hurling and a take no shit attitude from all comers is paramount. Cork hurling is about winning let's see it starting in 2023.
Firstly a huge thank you to Kieran and his team for their work with the senior hurlers.

Secondly the next appointment is a huge one for Cork hurling, get it right and we could unlock the potential within the squad and what’s to be added to it next year.

We have to get a man that is driven and will demand a more attacking style of play allied to the workrate and physicality needed in the modern game.

The front runners for me are Pat Ryan and Ben O Connor. Pat has shown his worth at Under 20 level and if he’s available, himself and Sherlock would be ideal with a top coach alongside them.

Ben on the other hand is in my view probably not yet ready for the manager job but is exactly the kind of character and coach we need, he would have us working like demons and hurling at a speed I don’t think any of our players have performed at yet.

So maybe if the three lads were willing to work together, and I have no idea if they would or not, then they are my dream ticket and I think they would win us an all ireland in the next 2 to 3 years.

Alternatively while the heavens won’t fall down if we go outside the county, I just can’t see it happening, but for what it’s worth Eddie Brennan or Liam Cahill (if he becomes available) just might work. But god almighty please not Davy Fitz, he would set us back decades.
Thanks to KK and backroom for some good days. New broom will hopefully sweep clean. Let's build on what can be a great team with the right people involved.
Major thanks and gratitude to Kieran Kingston for his hard work and dedication over the past few years, particularly given the difficult pandemic times.

That win over KK in the SF last year will live sweetly in my memory, a special day in the context of all that had preceded it since March 2020.

Whoever takes over - don't listen to noise from the likes of us on here!
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17th Mar 2024 @ 10:00 pm
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