Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Hank Scorpio

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Lads, can I make a proposal? There’s some great commentary/opinions/insight here. They will differ as no one has 20/20 vision and everyone has differing beliefs and loyalties, opinions on how the game should be played and how the game should be reffed. The majority of it is valid, even when it varies, so can we leave the personal tit for tat shite aside? It has the thread destroyed I read this thread because there’s posters here who have the inside line on selections, injuries, club and county info etc. Great reads and info on other counties and what we are facing. Good posters, people who understand what’s going on, posters who read the game well and want the best for Cork Keep it Cork and leave the messing for the rest of the forum

I offered to bury the hatchet already HonkY and got a predictable response.

I wont be engaging in any further squabbling on my end.
I'm in NY and watch regularly on GAA Go. The only issues I have are when it's my wifi at fault. There are some issues with how they format it but the picture and connectivity don't seem to be a problem for me at least.
Watched two games on GAAGO this year. The first was fine but the second, the picture quality dropped and it froze completely for about twenty minutes.

Would be slow to use the service again tbh.
I have watched everything on GAAGO this year. Must say, no problems and if you have the Roku fire stick even better! I watch from USA , so without GAAGO I would not have access to any GAA. Yearly subscription is reasonable .

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