Cork Hurlers - Part 2

I'm a huge fan of Lehane but agree he should have been dropped when he was. He looks to have trimmed down somewhat and is looking very lean at the moment. That physique looks to be ideal for him to operate at his best. To me he looked a bit top heavy the last few years at intercounty(muscle, not fat). Id love to see him come back in and offer us something in the last 15/20 mins of games.
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It would be foolish to completely disregard Lehane after the season he’s just had for Midleton. There may be a role for him like Shane Dowling for a year or 2. It’s a conversation between management and Conor.
Good suggestion. But would come down to whether management would want someone for that last 15 minutes role as an impact sub, and whether Lehane would want to give up a year of his life, and a year of training and playing regularly with his club, to be a possible impact sub.
Give the lad a break. Criticised for years on this. Just won a county with his club and their best player. And still getting stick.
Just to be clear, he's only getting the same stick for the same years we gave him stick before. Nobody denying he had a great year with the club.

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