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Interesting to read opinions 24 hours on from the game.
I think if we had real self belief games like yesterday were there for the taking…… after 25 great minutes we panicked on the sideline and gave away the initiative. The bottom line for me is that we have players well able to play at the highest level but the sideline are happy with honourable defeats. Was at U20 match during the week and it was the same, when we had Kerry by the goolies we didn’t squeeze.
The provincials realky have to go. Havung
It's a balls for us being seed 4 - but that's where we are based on results.

If I were any of the other counties though, I'd prefer to have one of the other seed 4s in my group.
Provincial runners up getting first seeds feels anachronistic even after 2 years of the format. There was quite a bit of jeopardy in the last 3 rounds of the league for Div 2 at least.

Than basically by virtue of a draw teams by parachuted into a first seed.

i know whay they do it but it still seems odd
Wouldn’t mind a go off either of the Connacht finalists, Monaghan also.

Fed up of Louth at this point and would also be happy if I never have to watch Roscommon again.
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