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CORK4SAM- Never said I would not start him, just suggesting a different option at #11. Not his natural position imo. Better options there for this game, think he effects the game more coming from his more natural position. As a matter of interest where would you play him.
I agree with you, he is not an out and out forward. Play him halfback and move Taylor to the corner. And leave the two of them come onto the ball. I feel Powter is just doing a selfless role at the moment

If I hadn't attended any inter-county games that year I certainly wouldn't be looking for an AI ticket.

I've not given up on the sport and in many ways I'm still addicted but I attend a lot less football as I live in a hurling hub. I attend less of both at adult level because of the way their played and reffed now compared to when I grew up. I attend more games at juvenile level in both club and county e.g. last year I attended 4 out of the 6 Cork minor hurlers championship games and a lot more club juvenile matches.
At club adult level the drop in standards between senior & junior are more noticeable in hurling than football I think.
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