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This is a valid point but who would you play instead of the two lads in midfield? They are far and away the best midfielders in the county but I am worried for the day that one of them gets injured. No doubt Cleary will find some relation / bogger from west cork to fill the gap…

They are currently the best 2 despite obvious limitations, in fairness neither is short of effort. We are short at midfield but to me that’s even more of a reason to get someone else a game there: move Maguire to midfield and put Meehan to 6 is an obvious tryout while Paul Walsh not getting a single minute despite being our only other midfield option is strange. The current 2 are the best we have but we need to build options as
You post about common sense and the go ahead and post nonsense.

His talent is as good to have him at least playing 15/20 mins a game, if not starting on that team it's been highlighted over several pages of this thread one of our main issues is players not taking on a kick at goal.
Murphy is a two-legged kicker and not afraid to shoot. Does he shoot the ball wide and short? Yes he's not 100% perfect no one is.
It's a crime and insult making players travel long distances and put them on for 5/10 mins or less in a league match.

Another player and and one of the best kickers in the county - Sherlock is getting the same raw deal as Murphy did.
Two of the best kickers in the county can't start on the Cork team and one of our biggest issues is scoring.

While you mention Gore Cronin and O' Mahony with the U20 team which I absolutely agree Murphy had as much headlines or mentions as the 3 lads.
There was no nonsense to my post, I was simply saying there was a bit of an overreaction to Murphy leaving the panel. Our only judgment of him as a player is at U20s, which guarantees you nothing. As his club is at a lower level, it's hard to really judge him off that.

I totally agree with you that these players should be given more game time than they do but we do have a lot of players at the same level. Gore, Cronin, O'Mahony, Murphy, Corbett, David Buckley, Herlihy. They should be given more game time over other players, yes absolutely, Sherlock included but you can't play them at all at the same time.
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