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Tyrone made 8 changes to the team named last weekend...obviously that team won't start so who actually gives two hoots what team is named...its the team that lines out before throw in is what's important
I think the genuine supporter does actually care. Why pick a dummy team? What are we afraid of by not naming the actual starting team that will line out? Is it going to give Fermanagh an advantage? The best teams do it for the most part.

Supporters are sick and tired of Cork football at the moment. If we saw a few changes every Friday night, I think it might give supporters a slight bit of enthusiasm going into the weekend.
I have always been a big John Cleary fan. He lives and breaths Cork football. He got the best out of our current panel last year, giving us an unlikely trip to Croke Park, a game v Derry that was there for the taking and beating 3 Division 1 teams along the way was huge.

John may be a little loyal to the older panellists on the team, all great men may I add, but it is probably stalling the progress of some excellent young footballers in our county by them not being selected and developed.

If John or a new manager is there next year, I think a clean out is needed and fresh blood needs to be brought in. It will be a tough winter ahead for the manager next year but it has to be done for the immediate future of Cork football.

I would love to see John Fintan Daly involved in a coaching capacity. He'd bring in a style of play to suit the players, a bit of tactical nous and plenty pride in the jersey. I would have JFD as an advisory for Cork Minors and U20s too, as regards a style of play.

I'd like to see something like this picked for the league next year, whether that is in Division 2 or Division 3. It is worth the gamble at this stage.

1. Mark White

2. Maurice Shanley
3. Daniel O' Mahony
4. Colm O' Shea

5. Tommy Walsh
6. Seán Meehan
7. Seán Powter

8. Brian Hartnett
9. Colm O' Callaghan

10. Blake Murphy
11. Colin Walsh
12. David Buckley

13. Mark Cronin
14. Conor Corbett
15. Stephen Sherlock

Cathail O' Mahony (if he can sort his fitness)
Seán White (if him and his brother opted in)
Brian Hayes (if he was opted for football at any stage)
Fionn Herlihy
Éanna O' Hanlon
Bill Curtin
Ryan O' Donovan
Diarmuid Phelan
Danno Dineen
Darragh Cashman
Neil Lordan
Hugh O' Connor
Cathal Maguire
Rory Maguire
Luke Fahy

The likes of Matty Taylor, Ian Maguire and Micheál Martin could stay on for another few seasons as the "elder statesmen". I may have left out a few names but that is the gist of what I would be looking at going into next season.

Some people might think that I may be overreacting to a poor start in the league, but I just feel that if we continue with what we have, we will be stuck in limbo (Division 2 or 3). A rebuild like Derry, Armagh or Donegal is what is needed. The raw materials are there. We are a top 6 or 7 team in underage football every year so let's try translate that to senior level.
Who these great men you speak of?
none of these mopes has ever delivered for cork. Ever
its time to call time on this bullshit. Cleary cannot Beyond his nose. Wedded to old notions and “good drills”. He’s bringing nothing to the party and never will at this stage.
That was with Downey available and it was decided finally in the last few minutes with cunninghams goal
Hogan was already gone for us by then.
Once Downey was out who plays 6 if not O Connor
I think its foolish to be ruling players out and damaging relations. Obviously if you are selecting 5 or 6 average lads who are all going to piss off its one thing but picking one exceptional talent who gets you over the line in a munster final is fair enough i feel
I'd have moved Dwyer there. Who would would you have played there, out of interest?

Clare could have won the Munster final even with O'Connor playing. Equally, they could have been comfortably beaten had Cork been more economical with their goal chances or if they did not get a soft goal just after HT to bring them back into the contest. As things actually played out, I don't recall O'Connor being crucial to Cork's win. He brings a lot to the team but his impact was limited by a lack of sharpness having missed most of the season up to then. No surprise that his best performances, imo, have been with the Cork minors and the Barrs in 2022, when he was training and hurling regularly for extended periods.
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