Cork Flood Defences

They otter do something
Will she be caught for costs
There’s so many of these groups around and some of them argue that their objection was “in the public interest.”
Save the Bride Otters is another one. As is “Love The Lee.”

These flood defences are necessary to protect the centre of the city and encourage developments.
I saw a statement today by the commercial manager of Cork Port in which he said that they hope to fully vacate the upper docks by 2030 and Tivoli docks by 2050.

I thought it would be much earlier than that. This delay has implications for the suggested tidal barrier (and also the development of the Tivoli Docks area). Not to mention the proposed bridge from the Marina area to Tivoli.
Bump cos of California floods.

Can anyone here comment on land saturation up river of the Lee and it's tributaries? Would it be possible to slow down the flow of water into these rivers by retention methods?

Or is the groundwater completely full most of the year? Must be cos you rarely see ponds on Irish farms.
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