Chat up lines

Non intentional chat up line.

Woman from QA was late one morning. Car trouble. Toyota Starlet. Got the bus.

What happened?

'Well' , she said, in a room full of men....

'I pulled on the handbrake and it came off in my hand'.

Piped up... Ehhh... You may not want to tell that on a date.
Cause for reflection.

Spoon Girl.

If anyone remembers the RTC, 1990's in the smoking Atrium, there was a pit.

Pitted below the Kompooter labs.

One day, a crash was heard, some dope planted the spoon cutlery all over the floor while purchasing a sandwich. Looked up and observed.

'sorry like, sorry'. Workers asked her to fuck off, politely. Clear up commenced. Re-washing was needed.

I did note her. Homely lass, quite the looker.

Later in the day I was heading out of the library, Upper mezzanine.. There she was. Spoon Girl.

In the space of a few seconds I was weighing up what to do and decided to go in for the kill.

Soft tone.

'I know what you like'

Recoiled, a little bit aghast so I clarified.

'Got a flat on a fifth floor and a kitchen full of tea spoons. You can fuck them all out the window. Fancy it?'

Broke her hole laughing. Done deal.

Chat up lines are scenario based. Make the most of it.
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