can anyone recommend a good back-doctor?

It all depends on your situation. What I did first was get xrays done - it shows if you have any odd curves in your spine before treatment begins. A Chiro did this for me. I have a small curve in mine when looking straight on but v common apparently.

Anyway this is my experience, which is mirrored by alot of people I hear.

I went to a chiro - they tell you all problems stem from the spine - proceed to "crack" your spine and tell you to call back 2 times a week for the next month - then once or twice a month. After cracking, it would be ok for a few days but then it would get stiff again (My back that is, ahem)

Wasn't really getting anywhere so I tried an EXCELLENT physio that came recommended by my missus. He said most back pain is caused by bad posture and over time your back muscles gets knots in them and tighten up. He said the chiro isn't that good, as your muscles are the guide ropes that hold the spine in place - if the muscles are tight and you crack the spine then the tight muscles pull it all back again.

Anyway after a few physio session my back is much better, and he gave me alot of back strengtening excercses to do.
Many people recommend osteopaths as they work in conjunction with your skeleton and muscles. Supposed to be good but I haven't been to one.

I've been going to physio for a few years now for various injuries and one piece of advice I'll give you is this - ask everyone and anyone for a GOOD physios number. The difference between an ok one and a good one is like night and day. A few months back when I was trying the chiro I got a deep muscle massage from this typical air headed teenager who it felt like did a "massage course" through FAS in 3 days flat. She might as well have dropped a few marbles on my back. Still had to hand over the 50 quid no matter how shit they are...

Other than that, plent of streches and a hot water bottle too to free up the muscles.

Sorry I can't recommend you a physio, but I don't live in Ireland anymore, although I used to see an excellent sports injury guy in Mallow if your near there.

Let me know how you get on.
Great reply to be fair.

Had a few back issues a few years back, did pilates for a few months and picked up a lot of good habits
I was facing the same problem and my doctor advised me to have a massage chair. I usually sits long time because of my office work. Same advise I am giving to you. This is really great product and really helped me to get out of the real pain. You guys can read some reviews from here and you need one to help you. I don't feel comfortable in using massage gun so it feels really great.


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I had 2 discs gone before, Cork Osteopaths on Mary street helped.
Was even struggling to walk.
No issues anymore.

I tore a tendon in my shoulder at Christmas, pain was excruciating.
Weight lifting helped.

So it depends what’s wrong.

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