Batsh*t Crazy Green Party

SF do have an environmental policy but instead of planting trees they plant bodies.:D:D:D
We are in a climate emergency. I’m no apologist for SF, but every single political party have policies that incorporate the need to protect the environment.
Unfortunately the batshit crazy Green Party have decided to strip out one single issue, (the climate emergency) and excluded every other issue to the detriment of citizens who are not 100% in favour of Green Party ideology.

It would be analogous to taking one form of waste, let’s say drinks containers, out of the general recycling effort and setting up a large cumbersome system just for that one form of waste, instead of looking at the overall picture from a holistic perspective.

The only way to stop the batshit crazy Green Party from having a disproportionate impact on government policy based on a mainly middle aged middle class urban perception of how to solve the climate emergency is to stop voting for them or worse still, giving them a transfer “for the environment.”

A vote for them is not a victimless action.
The abolition of the car park in front of Leinster House is a good idea. Aesthetically even, it’s shocking to see political reports from what appears to be a car park especially when compared to the White House or even Downing Street.
But that isn’t a Green Party proposal. It was originally suggested years ago by The Labour Party of all people.
Anyway, getting back to Ryan and his batshit crazy policies, one of Irelands most successful businesses has this to say:

“Eamon Ryan doesn’t speak to us. He is our minister for transport but his last contribution in this debate was in Sharm El-Sheikh two weeks ago where he was running around like a drunken tourist calling for higher levies on aviation,” he said.

“For a minister for transport of an island on the periphery of Europe [that] is remarkable.”


That’s Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary asking why long haul flights between Europe and the rest of the world are exempt from Environmental taxes while flights within the EU are subject to Environmental taxes.

This punishes Ryanair and rewards Lufthansa, Air France, IAG Emirates Turkish Airlines and all the other legacy carriers. You’d expect our minister for transport to fight our case and at least try to level the playing field. Maybe he thinks we should cycle to Brussels. Or get the train…..
Although the middle aged middle class voters that vote for these morons probably get the ferry to their villas in France each summer. Apparently the cheese is lovely
Middle class middle aged Green Party extremists like Caroline Conroy, Eamonn Ryan, Catherine Martin, Dan Boyle and the rest of them want to punish YOU by imposing a tax on household recycling (15c per can to fund their crony quango), putting a toll of €2.80 each way on the Dunkettle Interchange and increasing the cost of your annual holiday or the cost of your emigrant relatives (forced out as a result of their policies) to come home to see you at Christmas.

Their time is past. The arrogant, patronising tone of their public utterances where they repeatedly speak down to what they think of as “the plebs,” is sickening. Their promotion of walking and cycling as an alternative to cars demonstrates their contempt for plumbers, carpenters, window cleaners, tilers, electricians and other working class people who need to carry the tools of their trade as they go out to work to earn enough money to pay for all these Green Party taxes.
Green Party policy favours road tolls. They want to put a toll of €2.80 each way on the Dunkettle Interchange. The best way to stop this is to make sure they are eradicated at the next general election.
Do not vote for the Green Party.
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