Batsh*t Crazy Green Party

We shouldn't forget that this is entirely Sinn Feins fault and completely avoidable.

If they hadn't called this stupid motion of no confidence then none of this would be happening
Saving the planet is the business of all political parties, not just the Greens, the idea of cheap Ryanair flights out of yet an other airport in Ireland is nonsensical.

People need to fly less, not more.
I look forward to Green Party MEP, Grace O’Sullivan speaking out strongly against this proposed investment of €12 Million in public funds then.
There is no need for an additional jet runway in Munster. It will merely enable Ryanair to play one off against the other.

Thankfully Green Party MEP and Waterford resident Grace O’Sullivan will stand by her principles and speak out against this crazy proposal.
You couldn't make this up,

It's a bit ironic holding cop28 in Dubai. A city built on the back of oil money and slavery. Also Sultan al-Jaber a major oil baron heading the whole thing.
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