2023 Premier Intermediate hurling

Castlelyons up double digits at HT. Spillane worth every penny they paid for the flight, has a hat trick got already
Ya the goals obviously the big difference, take them out and it's fairly even. Clare lads have some good players. If castlelyons don't concede goals in first quarter after halftime they should be safe enough. Biggest issue yet could be the fog, Clare lads will be praying it gets bad enough to call off game
I'm watching the live stream and I got a few photos on WhatsApp of the game and it looks way too foggy to continue. They should give it more time to see if the fog rises. I've a feeling it will be postponed. Very unfortunate for Castlelyons if it is called off as they are absolutely flying it and well on top in this game. Corofin don't want this second half played for obvious reasons and it is not for the health and safety of the players.
Gone back another 10 mins
It's definitely unplayable at moment. Not a hope umpires could even see a shot from distance. Not sure at what point they have to just call it off. Even if this fog passes there could be more before the end
Congrats to Castlelyons great win got 3 brillant goals Spillane always had that in his locker..
Clare lads finished strong but the rebel boys deserved the win great day with St . Catherines winning too ...
Congratulations to Castlelyons! I'm delighted that they are finally having the success that they deserve with the talent they've produced over the years for Cork and Imokilly. They've come close on a lot of occasions and always knocking on the door over the last 10 years but it is all coming together for them this year.

Flying home players to play games has rarely been worth it for clubs over the years but flying Anthony Spillane home for games all year has been money well spent for the club as he has been their main marksman. Fair play to him for keeping himself sharp and dealing with the hassle of air travel every odd weekend. He was the match winner last night scoring 3-2, his 3 goals coming in the first half to give them a nice cushion at half time.

Getting a 12 point lead and then the fog coming into the Gaelic Grounds made Castlelyons players and supporters very nervous that the game could be postponed. It would have been a shame after building up such a lead. Corofin management were really pushing for the game to be called off. But fair play to the referee and his officials for showing patience and waiting until the fog rose again to finish out the game.

Corofin played well in the resumption of the game but Castlelyons had enough done in the first half to protect their lead in the 2nd half.

Castlelyons now play Toureen of Mayo in the All Ireland semi final in 2 weeks time. I'd be guessing Ennis will be the venue for that.
Can't see anything other than a Kilkenny double I'm afraid. No fault of either Cork team but both Kilkenny sides seem to be really highly rated. Obviously helped by the system in Kilkenny too. Thomastown in reality are the equivalent of Newcestown in Cork.
But you'd never know, a good start for both Cork sides would be huge
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