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    Expansion of Ballincollig

    Does anyone have more information on this? Just a sippet in d'Echo: MORE than 4,000 new homes and 4,000 new jobs could be delivered for Ballincollig by 2021, according to the Ballincollig Business Association (BBA). The association has commissioned Colliers International – who delivered the...
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    Could a robot do your job?

    (ref. BBC1 show on now 'Could a robot do my job?') Mine is less process oriented and needs to work in a group with abilities to assess and reason. What about you?
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    Writing your will

    So, I've decided it's beyond time to write a will. I have no children, and own no property, so it could be just a massive waste of time, but there are certain things I'd like certain people to have. It does seem a little ridiculous to be so formal when I have nothing worth anything though...
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    Journalist request

    Friend of mine is seeking parents/guardians of children roughly aged 10-17 who had a relative in the First World War as part of a 1916 commemoration supplement in a newspaper. He can be contacted on
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    Turning in to your parents

    Signs and signals abound. Sitting at the kitchen table having baked and cleaned, waiting for the cake to rise while listening to Roy Orbison... that was a big indicator there. And I wasn't even thirty, like. How closely are you becoming your parents?
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    Looking for somewhere nice but affordable to stay for a couple of nights in York in september. I've found some fabulous places in great locations, but just not affordable. We've never been so don't want to end up in the arse end of the city, and the city centre seems a bit steep...
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    A Doctor's Sword: the story of Dr. Aidan MacCarthy

    I can't believe I've never heard of this Corkman before. Mr D'or heard it being discussed on newstalk the other day and was telling me about it. After a google it turns out the whole scéal is the source of a documentary which seems to being going on release in the next few days. In a nutshell...
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    Yorkshire Dales

    Update: Recommend pubs and things in the Dales. I've got sights on the list like Malvern Tarn, Malvern Cove, various hills and holes and waterfalls. Pubs, especially those to hide at lunchtime from the rain I'm expecting! At night we'll rely on the village a mile away so it's more for during...
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    Linx tablet

    I think I'm going to buy this. Any major 'AHHH, NO!' shout outs? Yes, it runs on windows 8, and yes, that's a bit of a shit. However, this is mainly for Surfing the Cyber Super Highway, along with tv and movie watching while travelling. At home I have a MacBook and overseas I'm...
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    D'oriel's Thought for the Day

    It's interesting* how some brand names grow to be the ubiquitous titulation for something in the wider market, a brand becoming a generic reference. Murkans are much more susceptible to this, but it's definitely a phenomenon. Many of us are far more likely to call vacuum cleaners 'hoovers' (I...
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    British general election (the one with the poll, NME)

    For those resident in Britain, cast your vote in the poll.
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    Next month I'll have some meetings in Lyon and as I haven't been I'm going to stay the weekend. The meetings and hotel will be a bit on the outskirts I think, but from Friday evening to Sunday I'd like to be in the older heart of the city. Recommendations please on the best sights and sites of...
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    Marriage Equality Referendum 2015

    Campaigns to both sides are building up quickly and vociferously, this thread is for opinions and commentary leading up to the referendum in May. The poll attached is from the proposed referendum statement (but I didn't have enough space) and so should be considered as “Marriage may be...
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    The Truth About Sugar

    Anyone else watching this? Do you have a problem with sugar? I'm one of those morons who goes for the 0% fat yoghurts and low fat this and that without even checking the sugar content. It's been drilled in to us for years that it's saturated fats that are killing us, so there is a default...
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    Landlord demands

    I remember when all you need to secure a flat was to be early, confirm cash no hand for deposit and a steady income. I'm current moving flats, and no only do I have to give my age and full occupation, but also my gross salary, and we have to make a price offer! We're not buying the damned...