Wuhan Wheeze

The age profiles of those in ICU are currently: 71% are 50 years and older. 28% are 19 years to 49 years old. 18-year-olds and younger account for 2% of those in hospitals. In hospitals, 49% of those in hospitals are fully vaccinated. 46% of those in hospital are not fully vaccinated and 5% did not have status known. And similarly in ICU, 47% are fully vaccinated, 52% not vaccinated at all and 1% partially vaccinated.
Today’s figures.. unvaxxed 7% of the population, 52% of the problem
I see S.Orchestra also known as Wild Mountain Thyme is rapidly heading towards a fresh mental breakdown.
Expect spamming of increasing frequency and diminished relevance especially at night
So they're forcing children to wear masks for a virus that poses very little threat in order to protect a population that has 95% of adults vaccinated :rolleyes:

David Mc Savage Plus Guests
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17th Dec 2021 @ 9:00 pm
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