Woman murdered in Tullamore..

As part of my efforts to avoid RTÉ for the past few days, I’d like to recommend this weeks “Sunday Read” from The New York Times “The Daily” podcast.
It’s all about the Californian wildfires.
And of course the usual “This American Life.”


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I'm with Ponti on this. I don't want my 8 year old and my 7 year old hearing about the murder of a young teacher. They will find out soon enough that there are horrible things in the world.

It is absolute bullshit.

Like it's a Look at me competition or something trying to outdo the vigil crowd.

Fucking ridiculous as if everyone knew her personally
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100% Secondary school kids would be mature enough but kids in primary school? Too young. When my own fella got Covid he was terrified from hearing the doom and gloom around it. Had an awful job in trying to explain that he’d be absolutely fine. His mother goes jogging 3/4 times a week. He’d be a nervous wreck if he thought she’d be in danger.


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From The Examiner, written by a male :

"...unlike most women in the country, I didn't have to carry my keys in my hand, I didn't have to vary my route, I didn't have to wear my earphones with no sound on, and I didn't have to have a geo-location tracker on my phone."


Are women actually going around the place in a state of perpetual fear, as the above is claiming?

Is there not an element of hysteria creeping into media coverage of this crime?
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