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Ammi Burke actually challenging the judge in her case against her former employer (Arthur Cox Solicitors)
Ammi accuses Ms Justice Bolger of having enjoyed a "particularly close relationship" over the last decade or so with Arthur Cox's barrister, Peter Ward SC. She claims they're part of a "close-knit community of employment lawyers" in this country, and demands she recuse herself.

During the recusal application, Ammi Burke says: "I was dismissed (from Arthur Cox) without notice and years later, I still haven't found other employment."

Judge wonders why she's trying to run her case during an application aimed at stopping her from hearing it.

Ammi: "One doesn't pick mediators out of a hat. You choose the ones you like and someone you think will get the job done for you."

Judge: "If you're suggesting I had talks with Arthur Cox before being proposed, you better have evidence."

No evidence opened.

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3rd Jun 2023 @ 8:00 pm
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