What video games are you playing / looking forward to?

Playstation executive snared by peado hunters for trying to procure a 15 year old boy for sex.

This brings Boysack I mean Sackboy to a whole new level.
Có game nào hay hơn phim sec không nhỉ

Nearly finished San Andreas. To be honest I think it looks amazing. Don't know why it got so much shit online. It's a 20 year old ps2 game ffs. I'm probably enjoying it more than I did when it came out. For the first time in any gta game I've cleared the taxi missions, paramedic, vigilante, firefighter etc. Game is dope.
In San Andreas you get perks if you finish the side missions..For example completing vigilante gets you 150% body armour. Firefighter makes you immune to fire. Taxi gives you a taxi that can jump and has unlimited nitro cost. Paramedic gives you 150% health. They're all really handy. To be honest if I knew about the perks back in the day I would have tried harder to complete the side missions lol

That said the gang warfare is a pain the hoop.

Elden Ring out soon m8s.
Just finished Assassin's Creed Origins UE.

Bayek's voice actor was amazing. Ancient Egypt 85% historically accurate caper. It's a sterling outing for a 4 year old title lads.

Moving onto AC Odessey UE now. Ancient Greek ( as above lol )

In other news Sony are making more PS4's because they cant make anymore PS5's. It's all starting to crumble lads! There are also calls for the likes apple to cut back on production due to chip shortages as well. Meanwhile Microsoft have discontinued supporting the Xbone so as you can see there is something wrong.... Sony suddenly support last gen while microsoft do the oppisite.

The only way is xbox for next gen.

You have to feel sorry for folk who bought a PS5. Imagine having hardly anyone to play with online? And those who actually are, are the 99% of idiots who paid in excess of 1500 euros through scalpers to get the console!!!!

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5th May 2022 @ 7:30 pm
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Phantoms & Phantasies: Harry Clarke Watercolours

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