John Smith

The White Horse, Ballincollig

Sun 12 May 2024 (note: this event has already taken place)


He was dubbed the future of folk music by Pentangle’s John Renbourn, but singer-songwriter John Smith’s unique synthesis of styles puts him halfway across the Atlantic. The Living Kind is his masterpiece in American atmospherics: a true musician’s record, produced by Joe Henry, the man responsible for some of the subtlest Americana of recent times.

At the start of 2022 they cooked up the idea for an intimate record – “an acoustic album that sounded like Spirit of Eden”, Smith explains, referencing Talk Talk’s 1988 classic. Along with John Martyn’s Solid Air and Joni Mitchell’s electro-acoustic odyssey Hejira, it was one of the three creative inspirations for The Living Kind.

Like Hejira, the new album is a cohesive song-cycle that seems to be cast in one rich tone-colour. In 2020, Smith’s family suffered a cluster of personal crises in the space of three months. After that and the resultant rebuild, as he sings in The World Turns, Smith had to ‘find a new way to feel. “The Living

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The White Horse

West Village, Ballincollig, Co. Cork
+353 (021) 4871388