What video games are you playing / looking forward to?

i'm getting luigi's mansion and a pro controller from santy.
Cool beans bongy. Just be sure to avoid the GTA trilogy on switch. If ye all think its bad on the SX or PS5 you aint seen nothing compared to the switch.

imagine running down the road at 15fps for an example.

Its not a good look, not one bit.
Finally bit the bullet and got a PS4

Just bought God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and the first 3 Uncharted games, all for 60 bucks

Got sick of scrounging for games on the Xbox

Fair play Mr. Anderson


Poster of Savage Greatness.
Tell us how you are getting on with your PS5. How much did you pay? What games are you playing? Did you pay for the baseball? It must be very underwhelming as this is about the height of your posting in this thread.

Is it as shit as everyone is saying?

Do tell.
Nah, can't be arsed.

Séamus McGuire, Niamh Varian-Barry & Gerry O’Beirne
Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin St.

5th Feb 2022 @ 8:00 pm
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Phantoms & Phantasies: Harry Clarke Watercolours

Crawford Art Gallery, Tomorrow @ 10am

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