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this is what the learned people of the proc are reading at the moment

So.. a mixed bag, but i was looking for a new book and now I am sorted, I have ordered all the David sedaris books from amazon

" Fugitive Pieces" by Anne Michaels

The Voyage of Jerle Shannara Terry Brooks

Popes "epistles and satires"

james joyces Ulysses

A short history of a small place by TR Pearson

Silence Of The Lambs

Bob Woodward's Plan of Attack

Last night a DJ saved my life by Bill Brewster

Chaos by James Gleick

Killing Pablo,

A Question of Integrity by Susan Howatch

"The Journey Of Man" by err a geneticist

Tony Hawkes- One hit wonderland

"Hidden Agendas" by John Pilger.

[font=&quot]Love All The People- Bill Hicks (Denis Leary, you are an act robbing scumbag!!)

100 Years of Solitude- Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The DaVinci Code- Dan Brown

[/font]" The Music of Words" Haruki Murakami's Biography by Jay Rubin
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Bill Hicks...

Love al the People...

If you haven't read it yet, do! A brilliant insight into one of America's best and most feared Comics.

Basically, it's transcripts of Live shows but there is some brutal and savage material in there.
spinal_tap said:
At the moment I am reading "Hidden Agendas" by John Pilger.
The man is a fantastic jurnalist and I would strongly recomend him to anyone who likes reading about the things that the typical western media dont talk about or report due to censorship.
And no it is not a big conspiracy theory book.

God I can't stand John Pilger.
Self righteous, pompous, short-sighted twat.
Origin Of Species, Charles Darwin.

Well written, interesting to see him have to support so many arguements that we take for granted these days.
mouldydrunk said:
whats the davinci code like, hard work or engrossing?

David norris is wrong,, ulysees is a pile of steaming stream of faeces!

DaVinci code- Rip roaring! (Does anyone say that anymore??)

Ulysses- Aha! Now you have fallen into the trap! See even if it was crap (which I dont think it is) all anyone will say to you is 'You must'nt have understood it'. Which is possible and understandable unless you've read a load about Joyce before hand.
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