What Are Your Views, If A Burglar Breaks Into Your Home, And You Stab Him To Death?

What Are Your Views, If A Burglar Breaks Into Your Home, And You Stab Him To Death?

I'd feel vindicated, and repercussion would be an insult.

What's the law :?:
It boils to reasonable force, so if he threatens you or your family then you have a right to defend yourself and if he happens to die then tough on him. However where the owner ends up in trouble is if the gaurds deem you have used excessive force, I think public opinion will always be on the side of the occupant but the law can be strange.
Gardai won't do squat

A friend of mine had their house broken into on Friday night, where the guy said he'd shoot their mother if the gardai came, her father tried to grab the little sh!t, who didn't have a gun, he stabbed their father with a screwdriver... And he jumped back out the window

Gardai came 10 mins later, all they did was take a statement..

That's the kinda crap that pisses me off, it's no CSI here in Cork..
it completely depends on the situation you fucking twat....

if there's a lad climbing out your kitchen window with your €8 argos toaster under his arm and you launch after him in some wild frenzy stabbing him 86 times in the back as he tries to escape... i think it's fair to say you're going to be in a little bit of trouble...

if you wake up in bed and there's a burglar with a knife to your throat just after murdering your flat mate and is asking for your money and you fight and stab him once with his knife in a tussel... you'll probably not get in much trouble at all.
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