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Not sure will it stop people drinking per say but it may change people's attitudes and might even sway people that are on the fence. I know warning labels on cigarettes turned me right off. Seasoned drinkers that consume a lot of alcohol regularly though, probably won't make any difference
Who is even looking for this measure? (pun intended)

Small wine producers will just skip Ireland altogether and prices will just go up and we will have even less choice.

If the entire E.U. decided to do this then fine but Stephen Donnelly is just pushing this to distract from his poor record in office.
I’m not an expert on this. I’ve done no research to say whether it is a good or bad thing, or if it will work to get people to think about their drinking or not. I know there are professional social and heath scientists that do work on exactly this kind of thing. I’d go with what they tell me rather than my gut feeling.
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