Walking in a Drink Fuelled Wonderland

here are some pictures of Cardiff at Night taken by some shocked Polak.


This piss and rubbish strewn scenario of general degeneracy is reminiscent of our own towns and cities.

This shit makes me CRINGE and ashamed.

Why these Isles are so fucked up? Why are so many people on these islands such rampant pissheads?

We need some Continentals to come in and teach us how to enjoy ourselves differently i reckon. More sex, food and self-respect is what's needed. :|
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s that it ?
What is the problem ?
St Marys Street in Cardiff/Caerdydd
Harmless folk making their way home
Photos look to have been taken over the space of 4 minutes, not 4 years
Lads, the Welsh girls shown may be generously proportioned, but just like
Charlotte Church they are warm-hearted and very loving.
Or would you want a self-obsessed stick insect ?


Theo Katzman
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26th Aug 2022 @ 7:00 pm
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