Vic Barry's "Goodbye" show on redfm last night

Vic Barry's "Goodbye" show on redfm last night

Didn't listen as I can't tolerate the fella but have reported on it.

Jesus, Victor like's to praise himself, I saved lives doing this show

but to summarise, started with some clips of his "best bits", than he spoke - mentioned all of the things he was great at (not sure he knows what modesty is?) - entertaining people, making people laugh, helping people out, he actually said that he was told that his show saved some people from taking their lives. A couple of sobs, mentions that he has another kid on the way and that he wanted to leave now instead of next month

Listening to Redfm now. Don't think they get Vic's head out of the room.

It's turning into an Oscar speech now ffs

Absolute car crash radio

What the **** was that!!!

sickened. What an absolute idiot. Simple fact is that too many of those lads stevie g and him included got too comfortable doing that for too long. Get over yourself boy!

These people really need a reality check.

Vic's world may have fallen apart tonight but I'd be a lot more sympathetic towards a factory employee who works his/her arse off for 39 hours a week, being paid close to the minimum wage who gets the sack, rather than a pampered radio presenter who gets to spout his views and opinions for a few hours a day for the past ten years, and now finds himself temporarily out of a job.
I think I once listened to him for about 5 minutes.

They were discussing doughnuts and pondering if they were cake of bread.
Or something along those lines, I never returned.
He was some man for spouting off on his show and shouting callers down etc etc

It's a radio show that goes out to the public so people are allowed to voice their opinion.

I never said people are not entitled to voice their opinion. I am speaking for myself. You can say what you want but in my opinion i think people should give someone who lost their job a break. Makes no difference to me what anyone on here says about him.
After ten years I would be upset after losing a job I love, I didn't listen last night, goodbyes make me cringe. I stopped listening to the show a long time ago. But still sad to hear though :-(
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