Vic Barry's "Goodbye" show on redfm last night

I bet he regrets it now. Sounded a complete fool I hope future radio employers dont hear it. I tuned in last night to hear it painful radio he should have either worked out hes contract like most of us have to do or just bailed out quietly. Hes show was not great if he was so good he should be knocking on 96 fms door I hear their looking for a talk show host but I think they need more than 15000 listeners. I suppose 4 fm will mop up most of hes night time audience.

I'm sure he'll be back soon turning water into wine and walking on water.
Anytime i listened to the show it seemed the same girl was always on talking to him

I don't think there was a cutting edge to it, now perhaps the listening figures were decent for it I don't know
But I actually think there is a market for a late night phone in that discussed pressing matters in Cork I know I'd listen to it.

As for the people slating him tbf he has achieved more than probably most of those folk.
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