US Shooting Part 5763. .

America is bad, but the liberal media always focuses on the place especially when there's black people amoung the deceased.

States couldn't hold a candle to places like Brazil. Rio de Janerio alone has 6 times as many murders per year as the entire US.
In Brazil every 1 in 23 police arrests ends in a fatality (in US it's 1/37,000)

In fact EU countries like Estonia and Lithuania have a higher murder rate than the States.
Estonia and Lithuania also both have a significant Russian minority population.

Protect the unborn but as soon as you are born it is open season.


The American dream. (They are happy as this family could potentially defeat the Irish Army)

Fock knows what is going on in Austria.


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Another tragic shooting in the US yesterday, a man in his 60s opened fire at a lunch banquet in Laguna Woods, California killing one person and wounding 5 before churchgoers managed to subdue him.

So sad, RIP.☹

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