Transfer Window Thread

Late move from Liverpool, meant the odds drifted a bit but looks like Barca is a done deal alright. He's now 1/7 to join Barca.
He'll be very sought-after, if Palace don't have crazy expectations around the fee.

He signed an extension recently so it'll be interesting to see whether his agent insisted on any exit clauses (e.g. if certain clubs come in with bids at a certain level).

media has a range of £50-£80m with £80m apparently Palaces valuation.
£20m + Origi and that'll do it ;) might even throw in Sturridge
I’m not sure Zaha is up to it for a CL club. He needs his ego massaged and that involves him being the main man. He wouldn’t be the main man for any of the CL clubs. No doubt he’d be a serious option if at full tilt but not sure he’d get to full tilt being a bit part player.

He could very easily be a player LFC are looking at it but other than his versatility, I’m not sure he fits the bill.
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