The Official Liverpool Thread - Part 2

That defence now needs a proper shake up too. At least Bradley is there. Quansah has been the best of the centre back options.

Curtis Jones is a home grown player and will probably be kept on for that alone but hoky christ is he shit.
I always felt we were chasing too much even if we won tonight. Arsenals goal difference and waiting for city to drop points were realistically a bridge too far but I was still hopeful one of em would slip up. I hope arsenal go on and win it it now.
Likewise. All tonight has done is just confirm that we will no longer be part of the title race but I didn’t see us winning it after losing to Palace anyway. Even the draw at United felt like the end for it.

And now it becomes the Klopp farewell tour. In the end it was a good thing the kids ground it out against Chelsea in the LC Final because finishing with out the season with nothing would have been extremely disappointing.

We haven’t been remotely good enough in recent weeks. I always said this was coming, even when we were winning games. I knew winning games that way wasn’t sustainable and it has proved so. Tonight was embarrassing. Giving Everton and United days out at our expense is on the players showing a lack of fight and quality when the battle became red-hot.
Fairly lame end to the season. Realistically, they are far inferior to Arsenal/City. Conceding first a billion times and the attackers turning into complete fucking donkeys after Christmas didn’t help either. 3rd is about right tbh. Glad Everton are safe. Proper club with a great atmosphere who’ve had a torrid time.
Spot on there. We are the third best team in the league. No shame in it, it’s just about where I’d have expected this group to finish at the start of the season. Second at a push but Arsenal have been superior in most aspects of their game too.
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