The Official Liverpool Thread - Part 2

Nope. No body said that or even thought it would happen.

On t’other hand

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This is the kinda hilarious deluded shite ye’ve been coming out with for years.

“resurgent man utd”. How’d that go?!


And the two boyos liking it just to really rub it in. What they don’t realise is that the 30 years we were so often mocked about will become their own fate and longer, in good time.

And as long as City are pumping money in with no rules to abide by, nobody else might win any league title!
Nunez was hilariously NunezY.. missed a glorious chance by trying the lash a hole in Pickford instead of just placing it to his right.. about 5 mins later he got put through with a peach of a pass and managed to mangle his first touch so badly that the ball ended up behind him instead of at his feet to shoot

The skinny Lukaku

Just saw it there

Head down and hit it as hard as he could. Hes braindead.
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