The official Horse racing thread.

Would ya believe me if I said I remember Weld's last win in the Oaks with Blue Wind? Jesus, I'm old. Delighted for the geezer.
They brought it up a few times in the post race interviews.

Btw, anyone else think the Derby is the most over hyped race in the world?

Give me the Arc De Triomphe any day if we're staying flat, and there's no buzz at all compared to the Cheltenham big ones and the GN.
The thing about the Epsom Derby is that it WAS undoubtedly the biggest flat race in the world. Certainly our part of the world. But times move on. And the course is a bit of a disaster with the ups and downs and that camber that almost caused problems again today. Yeah, give me the Arc over it too.
Was in Paddy's this morning, and someone quoting the great AOB, that he said this is the best horse I've ever trained. But no, I backed Los Angeles.


He's repeated it in his post race interview, this is the best Derby winner he's ever had. When you consider what he's done in his career.....
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