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Arkle was long before my time watch Carvills demolition of decent horses in the welsh grand national.
Mate, the Welsh National? I mean, I remember Carvill's Hill and yes he looked great in a few races but you're not saying he was better than Denman and Kauto Star?? And you did say 'ever' so it's kinda rich to come back and say Arkle was before your time. I've watched all Arkle's famous wins on YT and looked at the data. To compare CH to him or to the two mentioned above is ludicrous, even in a game of opinions. If CH snuck in to the top 25 chasers of the last few decades I'd be pleasantly surprised.
Thought they called the hurdle race winner very fast there. Looked close to a dead heat and they didn't even show a still/freeze frame ffs. Thought our very own Langer D was going to win for a minute.
Arguably the best day of the jumps season yesterday. It had everything. Favourite part was watching Langer Dan getting chinned by horses rated 160 just 4 weeks after winning a Cheltenham handicap off 141. And not a mention of it on TV. Also why Patrick decided to switch to the inside jumping the last in the Foxhunters knowing he's have to switch back out again to go around the chair beggars belief. Must have lost 5-6 lengths doing it.
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