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Poster of Savage Greatness.
Sums up Rors this week, sees Block's putt and still misses right. Not much talk between Koepka and Hovland.

Fawk!!! Slam dunk hole in one for Block on 15, what a week he has had.
Scheffler on the prowl now, 2 back
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Rors waiting to congratulate Brooks, fair play. Hopefully the bad blood between the PGA and LIV will subside now. Not good for the game.
Love this Block guy(earned 288k)
Did Block go through the qualifiers OTD or how was he eligible to play?
I had Rory each way and thought he grounded out a good T7th whilst struggling a good bit.
Brooks some man for the majors .


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Koepka some lad to win a major. Doesn't make him any more likeable, mind you. Hovland is knocking on the door and I expect he'll get one at some stage in the next year or so. I know it makes no sense with his putting, but since the beginning of the year, I've had a feeling that Rory will win the US Open.

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30th Jun 2023 @ 7:30 pm
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