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Tiger is unreal lads, he will eventually be ranked up their with Muhammed Ali as the greatest sportsman ever.

i just feel that Waterock doesn't give much leeway between tee times, everyone is really thrown on top of each other, i went down there about a year ago, went down for a round myself. any paid my green fees and when i got to the 1st green i see that they were after Hollowing them, and i mean they were litterally just done, anyway i carried on and played my round, i decided i would email them the next day asking why they felt the need to charge a full green fee rate when the greens weren't up to scratch, i waited a week and sent another email thinking they must not have got my 1st one, anyway never got an answer, even if they gave me some explanation as to why they charged the full rate

i've played alot of courses now lads and i've come across places where the greens are like this, and in fairness every course i've played they have reduced the green fee rate due to the hollowing of the greens, i was fairly dissapointed at not getting an answer like, it's just the principle of it really.

Harbour Point someone mentioned it above, an okay course. tad expensive if you ask me. alot of holes up and down. i Played Ring of Kerry two weeks ago, very nice course, they have cheap round there at present. €25 on a saturday and your in a competition for that. normal Green fee during the summer is €60. good value.
I like Waterrock to be honest, its a nice course and well maintained, its not often that a public/green fees only course will be in such good condition. Price has gone up a little in last few years but is still quite reasonable.

Anyway nice to have a golf thread here at last.

Agree with ya here. Also Mahon has come on over the last few years. The only downfall with it though are the 15th and 16th holes out across the road. Other than that it is a lovely course to play and very reasonable.
waterock is nice enough a fair test of a course. can get congested alright.

bandon is a great course as well.

yeah since they brought in the private greenkeepers it has improved the course at mahon.

harbour point alwys nice to play as well
hey Scrumpy, Macroom back nine is very nice. have grown to like that course. although 1st few holes are fairly tough on the back. overall i like it. Greens top notch
played the heritage in portarlington last week was 100 yo yos but wel worth it that included breakfast lunch after 9 holes and dinner.

greens were amazing was very tough though bunkers everywhere
Waterock is fine except it fools you into thinking you're half decent at golf as it's quite short with lots of room for error. It's not a real golf course tbh but is enjoyable all the same and well looked after.
I'm playing Mahon on Sat morning. Enjoyable course although it can get too busy.
Least favorite course is Lee Valley with all it's blind shots and proliferation of 4 ball birds clogging up the course for the guys. Is there any more worrying sight that 4 chicks teeing off in front of you? I think not. Golf isn't sexist-women are just shit at the game.

Capella is only €40 at them moment. Grab it while you can.
Have many people here played Waterock Golf course, just wondering what ye think. I used to like it until they became a money grabbers club.

Played it a good few times over the last 2 years. Wouldnt see it as a great challenge of golf besides maybe the 12th & the last 3 holes. Good place for a society outing or GAA club classic.
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