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Why hasn't there been one of these created yet?! Loads of local talkpage issues in them. Dan, the echo seems to have put money into their new web page, that fella that used post here must have been jettisoned.

Court report number 1. Edit - this may have been compiled by Youghlie.

Man is jailed for mugging a man on Cork's South Mall
A man with a drug addiction was jailed for two years for carrying out a robbery of a small amount of cash and a bottle of orange from a man in Cork city.

Detective Garda Ian Coughlan said Damien Long of 53 Ardbhaile, Mayfield, was one of two men who robbed a young man of about €5 in cash and a bottle of orange at South Mall, on January 13.

The detective said Long (29) produced a knife during the robber as his accomplice went through the injured party’s bag.

The victim later spotted the same men elsewhere in Cork city and notified gardaí.

Damien Long said he out of his head on drugs at the time and admitted his part in the crime. He had 96 previous convictions.

His accomplice never admitted his part in the crime and was found not guilty by direction of the trial judge in another court.

Damien Long had been on whiskey and tablets at the time of the robbery.

Ray Boland defence barrister said: “What has him before the court is his own admission. His co-accused who took a different approach is out the gap, so to speak.

Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin said: “The accused was on drugs at the time and that tends to make people unstable. Whatever addictions he has, at 29 he has not even begun to address them.”

The judge imposed a sentence of four years with the last two years suspended.

481 convictions. Fucking impressive. That's the highest I've ever read.

Cork man with 481 convictions escaped from custody after pharmacy break-in
A Togher man who confessed to escaping from custody at Cork District Court last July after breaking into a pharmacy in Passage West was jailed for 18 months.

Anthony O’Sullivan of 17 Araglen Court, Deanrock estate, Togher, Cork, was sentenced at Cork Circuit Criminal Court.

The 33-year-old admitted smashing a glass door at the Passage West pharmacy at Strand Street in Passage West, County Cork, on July 8, and attempting to enter the premises as a trespasser.

He also pleaded guilty to escaping from lawful custody at Cork District Court on July 9.

Garda Thomas Delaney said at Cork Circuit Criminal Court that after 11pm on July 8 gardaí got a call from a witness about a break-in at Foley’s pharmacy.

Gardaí began searching for the culprit.

They were alerted to the fact that a man was seen hiding behind bins in the garden at the back of a house.

He was arrested and subsequently brought before Cork District Court.

The nature of the ‘escape’ that gave rise to the charge was that he walked out of the courtroom at a time when he was technically in custody.

Judge Ó Donnabháin said he would look at the burglary and criminal damage charge in Passage and sentence him for those counts but would not add to his sentence because of leaving the courtroom and that this latter charge would be taken into consideration.

Garda Delaney said O’Sullivan’s number of previous convictions amounted to 481 but that many of these related to driving offences.

Judge Ó Donnabháin said, “He never showed the gardaí any aggression, there was no difficulty dealing with him.

"He seems hopelessly addicted.

"He is doing very well in prison.

"I backdate the sentence to when he went into custody on July 9.”

The judge imposed a sentence of 18 months and said he was not going to suspend any part of it.
Well done and a great idea, I am going to enjoy this thread.

It will highlight the great work that the legal business care doing, for themselves.
Thanks guys. Ample material here. I find having fb open ads to reading these cases as I try and guess what they are like before finding them on it.
There was some fella up in court yesterday with over 480 convictions. He is only in his eary 30’s. Some money machine for the free legal aid lads there.
There was some fella up in court yesterday with over 480 convictions. He is only in his eary 30’s. Some money machine for the free legal aid lads there.

Ffs point, read report number 1 above. Why the fuck do you think I created this important thread??
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