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According to Dundee fan
Rangers have been awarded penalties in their last 3 games at Dens Park.

The last 5 games between the 2 at Dens without them gaining penalties have resulted as follows;

Dundee 0-1 Rangers 🔴
Dundee 1-1 Rangers 🟡
Dundee 2-1 Rangers 🟢
Dundee 2-1 Rangers 🟢
Dundee 1-2 Rangers 🔴
The Rangers have received a penalty in their last 4 games in a row including one against RC that according to the rules is not a penalty, and the other was given with VAR footage not showing defender clearly getting the ball first
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Sevco manage to close the gap on the champions by securing a point away to Dundee.

The Celtic women also hit top spot this evening with a win while the Hunettes lost to Hearts.

Celtic play Hearts at the weekend. Mon ths Ghirls.
Cyprus Avenue, Caroline St.

4th Sep 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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Cyprus Avenue, Today @ 7pm

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