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Loved Robson as a player. He knew himself he wasn't the most skillful guy on the park but you could count on him to always give 100%. Great man for the big games and he loved putting one over on the huns.

I seem to recall his first kick of the ball for Celtic was a goal. Can't remember against who Dee/Utd maybe? but it was a free kick out on our right-of-centre about 25 yards from goal. He'd just come on as a sub and sent it past the wall. Cracker.

Hilarious the way some people in the media are trying to portray the red card for the Hearts player as the most controversial decision by the officials last weekend.


Tripping Maeda with no effort at the ball is clear denial of a goal-scoring opportunity and is a correct red card.

The two armed holding of Duk in the TRFC penalty box by Goldson should not only have resulted in a penalty kick to Aberdeen, but Goldson should've been sent off for it. But many in the Scottish media try pretend it's the red card at Tynecastle is the most controversial desicion.

Youngsters beat the huns last night to win the Glasgow Cup at Ibrox.

Celtic having led 3-0 conceded 3 goals in the second half the game eventually went to penalties.
the worst penalty shoot out you'll ever see. Big McManus wasn't thrilled.

Big win for the weemin against Glasgow City tonight. 2 points off top with 2 to play.

2 wins and we'll be relying on the verminettes to get a result for Celtic to take the title.

The outrageous decision to disallow a goal against them last week could be costly yet
Missed the game entirely today. I was away at a hurling match with the young lad.

I had planned on watching it when I got back but of course someone spoiled it on me.... I don't think I'll bother now.

As a result of not seeing it I'm not nearly as worked up as I might otherwise have been.
A bit of a non-event alright, though SKY did their very best - they even went so far as to say the rangers had bragging rights now for the summer :)

Disappointed with some of the additions not taking their chances. I've never rated Bernabai tbh and I hear he's on 17Kpw which sounds extrordinary tbh - though I suppose Taylor was mince in his first year with us.

Kobyashi? Another who didn't impress. He's no CCV, but then again nobody is. But Kobyahi just hasn't impressed me tbh.

Thought Starfelt was brillliant. Again. Some improvement in his form.

The huns new midfielder (blonde guy - forget his name) fouled his way through the game but didn't pick up even a yellow card - apparently he's been booked the last 5 games in a row which i found surprising. CalMac was booked for his first foul.

Overall I think we were outplayed in midfield and CalMac was kept very quiet compared to his usual self. I'd have preferred Turnbull in there rather than O'Riley with Hatate, just for a bit of counter-dig.

Oh was a bit unlucky not to score but overall was too static and without the ball coming through (he only touched it 7 times before being subbed) he wasn't going to do much.

Huns were much better on the day and playing at a full house with no fans is certainly an advantage imho as some fouls don't even seem to get the attention of the ref unless the crowd calls out in indignation. We might have had a penalty but it would have been very soft and well it's them, and it's at ibrox
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