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Celtic could and probably should have won by more but in fairness there's no need to refer to anybody as "subhuman". Leave that kinda talk for "the other mob".

For a team that were all bravado leading up to the game, both players, managers, and ex players, Celtic generally kept their heads down and let the football do the talking on the day.

To a man Celtic seemed much more comfortable on the ball, playing it out from the back against kick and rush tactics generally employed by the huns in the first half.

The bluenoses are beelin that Beale picked the wrong midfield playing his favourites instead of playing in-form new signings. McGregor in goal for them pulled off a few great saves that saved their blushes but I think apart from when they scored and the 20 mins afterwards we were generally in control Back 4 were solid but I'm starting to worry a bit that Hart is on the wane.

Our midfield 3 were class in the first half but having harried and chased everything were running on empty - Mooy was bate before we conceded a goal that he should easily have prevented.

Haksabanovic is a player. Seemed to do more in the 10 minutes he was on than Jota did in an hour but I mustn't grumble. Some of the players like CCV and Maeda were absolute class and of course Kyogo stuck another two LC Final goals.

I think some of the huns are starting to see through Michael Beale as not being the messiah - one rag before the game had a former coach saying Beale could lead England to World Cup success - I sh*t you not!

They saw that his team selection was wrong, and he took too long to change it, and that some of his players aren't as good as they pretend. His taking off of Morelos just after he scored was a tad strange - especially when Kolac, usually a good penalty box player, had a fresh-air shot near the penalty spot.

Beale calling the team together for almost a huddle on the pitch after the final whistle was a bit weird too. McGregor especially, and Kent didn't seem too impressed. In the week that Tavernier was inducted into the ibrox hall of fame interesting to see the two goals came from down his side again. He's like marmite for some of the huns - some of them think he's absolutely superb scoring all them goals (vast majority from penalty spot) from right back, while others see he can't defend, albeit he stuck to that task for the first half hour and did reasonably well.

CalMac gave another understated masterclass. Always available for an outball and so very rarely wastes it. Starfelt one miskick aside seems to have a great partnership with CCV who has turned out to be another master signing.

And in fairness to the officials, I think they got all the big calls right, including booking Abada for a dive.

Some tough games coming up and especially the away fixture to Hearts but I think we have the squad that can do it.

5 subs being allowed in the game makes games much more difficult for teams who can't afford strength in depth.
1-1 Jota

1-2 AJ (I think)

1-3 Abada

1-4 MOR

1-5 Oh

5-1 doesn't tell the full story at all.
Abada was the catalyst to a far stronger second half.

The penalty awarded against Celtic was harsh when measured against some of the penalties not awarded against other clubs. I've no qualms if it is awarded consistently.

The sending off was a certain red card. I wasn't sure if it was in the box. After a few replays I thought it was. Andrew Dallas on VAR thought it was outside.... a guess to overrule the ref. Dunne had been playing really well up to that point. I won't go as far as saying I felt sorry for him.

Jota was stinking the joint up but did well to get his goal. AJ's desire got the second.

After that it was over as a contest.

Marcus Fraser very fortunate not to Chris Julienne himself on the post. Can't wait to hear what the manager has to say about it. I suspect he'll be annoyed at how the first half played out.
Poor fixated Earl. He is clearly triggered by other posters supporting Celtic :)

Strange that the ref was over-ruled twice yesterday on incidents he had a clear view of and made his on-field decision. Yesterday it looked as if Dallas may be still trying to do the work his father, who was sacked in disgrace, could no longer do.

A VERY obvious tug of Oh's jersey by Gogic was called back (Celtic leading 4-1 at the time) and the ref (unsighted due to a crowd of players) was asked to review it. Not told it was a clear and obvious penalty. When Kyogo was initially awarded a penalty for being dragged back on the edge of the box the ref was not asked to review it. He was told by Dallas Jnr that it was no penalty - end of!

Subsequent pictures show that the defender's arm was still on Kyogo when Kyogo was on the 18 yard line. For penalty decisions that line is considered to be INSIDE the penalty area.

I read a series of stats yesterday that make for interesting reading : Can't attest to the absolute veracity of the precise ratios of it but it certainly seems to ring true generally

  • One in 3 league goals conceded by Celtic this season have been penalties.
  • Celtic's nearest rivals in the league have not conceded even one penalty in the league this season.
  • One in 40 goals scored by Celtic this season have been penalties.
  • One in 7 goals scored by their nearest rivals have been from penalties.

They seem to be VERY dramatic in their differences
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